Corporate Information


NSL Foods Co., Ltd.

Who They Are

Dough Maker Co., LTD. was established since 2003 and producing various products according to customer’s needs. In 2006, the management team foresaw the marketing opportunity of the bakery business that was expanding in Thailand, thus, consulting with shareholders to establish a new production area in the name of NSL Foods Company Limited focusing on producing bakery products in general to gain expertise and become a leader in the industry. With the vision of the executives that move forward unceasingly alongside the production that able to apply all the international standards to effectively controlling the product quality, NSL Foods Co., Ltd. is becoming more accepted in the bakery production industry. In 2016, the company had created a new business category as a Snack product as an alternative to befit a new lifestyle that can fully meet both domestic and international demands.


Determined to be a leader in bakery and snack products, both in production and marketing, with environmental concerns and ethics in order to be recognized by people around the world.

What they accomplished

Bakery products and Snacks.

Managing Director

Somchai A. Nond

Length of Establishment :

Since 2003 (16 years in total)

Export Country

Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Chinese, Cambodia

Next Goal

Commitment to maintain the relationships with existing customers, expanding Markets, expanding customer groups to be more extensive, both domestic and international, as well as producing product variation and creating a “Product Champion” in the market. Also, able to accurately analyze consumer behavior.

T Mark Benefits

 Proving the brand to be more reliable to be able to compete in the world market.

T Mark Member