Corporate Information


Cherry Ice Cream Factory Co., Ltd.

Who They Are

Distributor for various selection style of Ice cream such as Jelly flavor, Rich Chocolate coated flavor, and Special Thai Sweetened Coconut Milk flavor.


Thai Ice Cream brand with sustainable growth to meets the International Standards that satisfy international customers at all levels.

What they accomplished

Striving for the consumer’s acknowledgement and reinforcing the expertise and knowledge of ice cream manufacturer, Cherry Ice Cream Factory Co., Ltd. has been re-branded to be more modern for nearly 40 years.

Managing Director

Mr. Torpong Pattanakittipong

Length of Establishment :

40 years

Export Country


Next Goal

We pledge that we will produce best quality products with social responsibility, passing on for the better quality for the children life and the world, in mind. , The next country to export products is Cambodia via distributing channel.

T Mark Benefits

Proving that our products meets the International standard quality.

T Mark Member

Year 2019