Corporate Information


Masahiro Company Limited

Who They Are

Manufacturer and distributor of sportwear brand under Sport Hiro brand and Kid’s copyright superhero apparels


Commit to produce quality and reasonable-price product. Produce with creativity and innovations.

What they accomplished

Over Value was a production standard for Masahiro group. The design and production principles started from intensive study, researching and comparing with higher competitors.

Managing Director

Thanatorn Suwannakij

Length of Establishment :

Founded in 2008 or 11 years until present.

Export Country


Next Goal

Expand to international market through online marketing and maintain Over Value production standard.

T Mark Benefits

Enabled Masahiro to participate in trade fare aboard easier. Increased business opportunity and guaranteed brand’s quality.

T Mark Member

2018 - 2021



Contact Information


Masahiro Company Limited


94/187 Moo 4 suwintawong rd Road lumpakchee Nong Chok Bangkok 10530

Tel :

+66 (0) 27930935-6

Fax :

+66 (0) 2-9565221


Thai sport garment, Masahiro. Everyone can be a super hero.

Super heroes in many imaginations likely include special power. Excellent sport garments in people’s mind are likely expensive. These illusions must be fixed after meeting with Mr. Thanatorn Suwannakij, founder and committee of Masahiro, superb functional garments with friendly price.

Keep Walking: keep walking, the destination is not that far

Give it a try.

With enterprising personality and ​a will to change engineering career path at Siam Cement group, Mr. Thanatorn Suwannakij decided to fully commit to be a business man. He started his new career as his friend asked him to be a manager of copyright superhero apparels, bags and sneakers.

He later separated from his friend and produced and sold his own products. Unfortunately, economic constraint made him stop manufacturing bags and sneakers and focused on only superhero outfits. After a while, he came back stronger with an idea to expand to 3 product lines;

1. Superhero outfits
2. Sport outfits
3. Knowledge encouragement outfits which print mathematic and sporting information on the outfits.

After launching 3 products for tasting, Knowledge encouragement outfits were not popular so he canceled its product line.

Over Value

High specification but friendly price or Over Value was production standard of Masahiro group. Design and production principles of each product started from intensive study, researching, comparing how higher brands added on attributes such as ventilation and anti-bacteria. Design and production team eventually produced sporting t-shirt, which was easy to wear, had good ventilation, bright color, easy to wash, easy to dry and light-weight for only 199 baht. This similar product from other brands might be over 2,000 baht. Masahiro had three strong features, which were

1. Pay less for high quality
2. Having innovations
3. Friendly price and easy to find

Online Marketing: not their expertise but it is a must.

Nowadays, online marketing plays important role in creating brand’s awareness and sales channels. It is even more essential if the brand wants to reach international market since it provides all products’ details.

Although, Masahiro is currently not keen on online marketing, they consistent consult with the experts to improve the online channel to lead their brand to global market faster and easier.

T Mark helps reach out to global market.

Advertising from the company alone cannot create much trust from customers. Certified standards can obviously help. Masahiro has earned many standards such as Coolmode, which certified coolness when wearing their products, Thai Labor standard, Green Industry and Thailand Trust Mark or T Mark. These certifies that Masahiro has good quality products complied with environmental and social responsibility. Moreover, this enables Masahiro to easily join trade fair aboard and increases business opportunity.

Masahiro owner’s , ​Mr. Thanatorn Suwannakij’s business management style shows that real-life hero doesn’t need any special powers. Thinking of customers and providing them quality garments with friendly price is enough to make him a hero in many people’s real life.