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Selic Corp Public Company Limited

Who They Are

Manufacturer, distributor, researcher and developer of adhesive and other chemical products in various industries domestic and international.


Strive to be a world-class leader in well-rounded Adhesive Technologies by advanced innovation.

What they accomplished

Manufacturer, distributor, researcher and developer of Specialty and Hogh Performance Adhesive for domestic and international clients in 27 countries in Southeast Asian, South Asian, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Managing Director

Mr. Ake Suwattanapim

Length of Establishment :

Founded in 1979 (40 years until present)

Export Country


Next Goal

Continuously research and develop products to enhance efficiency and value of products and satisfy client’s customer.

T Mark Benefits

Publicized products easier and created trust among business counterparts.

T Mark Member

2018 - 2020



Contact Information


Selic Corp Public Company Limited


270 Liabklongpasrijaroenfangtai road, Nong Khaem , Bangkok 10160

Tel :

+66 (0) 2-8073347-9

Fax :

+66 (0) 2-4455245


Selic Corp: Thai glue that connects customers with service.

F​urniture or footwear cannot be fitted into one piece and last long without the helping of high-quality glue whose connects many parts and turns them to your chic shoes or favorite furniture. 

When thinking about glue and adhesive products manufacturer in Thailand, Selic Corp must come among the first top names in furniture and footwear manufacturers’ minds.    

Selic Corp was founded in 1981 when furniture and footwear business was booming.  Glue became an essential product these manufacturers needed.  Seeing the coming opportunity, Selic Corp had taken a chance and firmly and sustainably grew since then.

  From local Thai brand, today, the company announces their existence in global business stage.  They export products to more than 27 countries worldwide by using 4 strategies in business operation.  

Tmark Publicized products easier and created trust among business counterparts.

Answer customer needs. 

Selic Corp ​doesn’t only focus on efficiency of their products but they also find out how their products can add value to their customers’ product.  This lies on constant products’ quality control, service, research and development. 

Develop by using non-stop innovations.

With their B2B business model which emphasized on business to business coordination rather than business to retailers, the company receives a huge amount of income.  Keeping each customer is a key.  Selic Corp has to create their distinctive points by innovations and technologies to firmly keep the customers.   

The company endlessly researches and develops their products to enhance efficiency, add value and make customers prefer. This makes repeated customers.  The company now has many quality and international standards’ glue and adhesive products that can compete with foreign brands. 

Great before and after service. 

​ Apart from innovations and understanding customer needs, service is another crucial part of their success.  Sales person, technical employees and customer service personnel all are critical for the company.  They are well trained to enable smooth customer’s business.  Whenever problems come, the employees will immediately be sent to take care and fix. 

Quality and standard, great assistants for reaching global market. 

If one wants to be​ multi-national brand, quality and standard cannot be overlooked. 

Selic Corp strives to develop and control every products that they received many standards confirming and creating trust to customers, especially foreign ones who highly consider standard symbols before trusting any business.  One of the standard symbols they received was Thailand Trust Mark (T Mark). T Mark is a valuable symbol Selic Corp has received.  They then can promote or advertise their products easier and create trust from business partners.  

Market shared worldwide is what Selic Corp’s goal to reach. Although they are now exporting to 27 countries, they will continue to step up by using innovations and modern technology, good quality, superb service and T Mark symbol to win customers’ hearts worldwide.