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Joe-Ry Family Co., Ltd.

Who They Are :

A manufacturer and distributor of freeze-dried fruit products. Thses products are manufactured with a freeze-dried process, the most optimal way to preserve the nutrients. They offer a wide range of fruits from well-known tropical fruits like mangos or durians to world-favorite fruits like peaches and strawberries.

Vision :

To sustainably run the business by integrating advanced innovation and establishing potential in terms of raw ingredient transformation to become as natural as possible.

Managing Director :

Nathawut Paopreecha and
Suthisak Pipatanaganunt

Length of Establishment :

Established in 2010, 5 years in total

Export Country :

Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar, Australia, and France

Next Goal :

● To manufacture and distribute healthy snacks for people at every age group.

● To establish Thai brand on the international stage and also to create demand from both local and global consumers.

● To create sustainable business growth and to register IPO within 2020

T Mark Benefits :

To generate more value to products that consumers can trust when seeing this mark on the product in the supermarket.

T Mark Member:

Oct 2014 - Oct 2017

Thaitrade :

Contact Information

Company :

Joe-Ry Family Co., Ltd.

Address :

99/20 Pantainorasingh Road, Pantainorasingh, Muang Sumut Sakorn, Samut Sakorn 74000 Thailand

Tel :

+66 (0) 34 871 825-6

Fax :

+66 (0) 34 871 825-6

Email :

[email protected]


Taking care of one’s wellness has always been a beneficial attitude. Not just hours of rigorous exercise, but the selection of food consumption is another crucial element to fulfill this mission as well.

Many may have to fight with their own guilt when they crave for snacks, since the choices on offer in supermarkets are high sugar-based snacks or those with oil and fat. A Thai healthy fruit snack with vibrant packaging under the brand Wel B could answer the needs of health conscious individuals. Without oil or additives, Wel B is packed with natural nutrients in every bite. It can be eaten alone, enjoyed on top of a bowl of cereal, or even blended with fresh fruits and yogurt to form a glass of healthy and refreshing smoothie. Striving to provide the best in ingredient selection, Wel B offers a wide range of fruits from well-known tropical fruits like mangos or durians to world-favorite fruits like strawberries, peaches, and apricots. Hence, consumers of Wel B are not limited to locals but it also reaches to global consumers, especially in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore and even to Russia, France, and Peru.

The success of Wel B, is not limited to only a fine selection of ingredients but also the high standard of manufacturing as well. Thailand Trust Mark is honored that Mr. Nathawut Paopreecha, Managing Director of Joe-Ry Co., Ltd., the makers of Wel B snacks will share his story about the standards and manufacturing process that successfully establish Thai products on the international stage.

World Class Manufacturing Quality

Under the ideology of careful selection and creation of products handed down from generation to generation Wel B is one of a vast assortment of products, has a meticulous production process. From the start, processes like ingredient selection, manufacturing process, hygiene and safety, to the end like highly regulated packing process, elevate Wel B to gain world recognized certification such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and Halal. To furthermore, guarantee the quality for Wel B is the recent certification by The British Retail Consortium (BRC) that enables products to be distributed across the United Kingdom and Europe.

A high standard emerges from meticulous planning, starting from the beginning of the manufacturing process such as choice of hardware, systems, and quality control processes. In addition contamination prevention procedures can be traced back, such as cases of allergies. If a consumer has allergies reaction, then the manufacturer is able to investigate and throughout the manufacturing process. Moreover, within the factory there are quality-control standard procedures for every employee such as Double Doors process i.e in order to gain access to the production line, an employee must walk through one door and send the object through another, going through a process of washing, insect detection to ensure hygienic and protection from disease or potential contamination.

Advanced Innovation for Customers

'Vacuum Freeze-dried'

is a new innovation that allows fruits to be preserved whilst remaining crispy and dry.

This process, without depleting the nutrients and vitamins in the fruit, is non-heat and oil. The fruit is freezed and crystalized preserving the structure of the fruit. Despite it is higher cost it is currently the optimal way to retain nutrients. Joe-Ry Family Co., Ltd. has collaborated with many governmental agencies such as the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Food Institution by developing technology and tools, knowledge sharing for food research and development.

Wel B Products

To sustainably run the business by integrating advanced innovation and establishing potential in terms of raw ingredient transformation to become as natural as possible.

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A Guarantee for the Trusted Products

Being accredited and certified by a trusted organization is very important for products that are exported overseas. It not only seizing this as a guarantees and gives confidence to the consumer. It can also be utilized as a production guideline for the manufacturers by identifying areas for improvements.

Gaining the Thailand Trust Mark (T Mark) can assist in generating more value to products. Utilizing this mark whether stamped on packaging, supermarkets or even for quality assurance when registering for accreditation from abroad are key benefits because the T Mark is a trusted symbol for many international organizations and institutions.