M Wrap, M Stretch, M Foil, M Kool , M Bag, M kup, M Clean etc.


M Wrap, M Stretch, M Foil, M Kool , M Bag, M kup, M Clean etc.


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M Wrap, M Stretch, M Foil, M Kool , M Bag, M kup, M Clean etc.

M WRAP is a hygienic food wrapping film that is made of a special food grade Polyvinyl Chloride. It is produced using advanced Japanese technology from the Riken Vinyl Industry Co., Ltd. Following the Japanese food wrapping film standards, M Wrap is FDA approved and sold around the world. M Wrap is commonly used in the food industry. It is usually found in retail and catering outlets including; supermarkets, hotels, restaurants as well as home use. M Wrap can also be used in the healthcare and beauty industry as it is sterile and very hygienic M WRAP features -Able to use in both the microwave and freezer: The film will not melt or break under extreme temperatures. Frozen foods wrapped with M Wrap can be immediately put into the microwave to defrost or reheat. -Convenient and easy to use: M Wrap grips tight; seals any surface including plates, glasses or ceramic ware. Because of the quality elasticity of the film, it makes it easy to stretch and seal to any food container. -Keeps fresh products Hydrated:M Wrap features a proper gas to water vapor transmission ratio that will slow down breathing of fruits and vegetables, thus preventing dehydration. -Preserve freshness and keeps taste of fresh foods:M Wrap acts like a second skin barrier, which prolongs the shelf life of fresh foods. It maintains the moisture within the food, while preserving the fresh taste and coloration. -Enhances presentation: M Wrap showcases high transparency and a glossy appearance within it’s film. This helps enhance the visual presentation of the food. M wrap Keeps food looking fresher longer, ensuring the best-looking product. -Hygienic:M Wrap provides a sterile and hygienic barrier that protects from food smells and bacteria. It ensures that there is no spillage in microwave or refrigerators and keeps your food protected and clean