Corporate Information


Phaiphannarat Marketing Company Limited

Who They Are

Manufacturer and distributors of hair treatment products


To produce standard quality products for sustainable Thai society is a heart of Go-Hair.

What they accomplished

Produced quality products by long lasting experience, researches and developments.

Managing Director

Dr. Phongphan Phaiphannarat

Length of Establishment :

Established in 2003 (16 years until present)

Export Country

Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Next Goal

To be Thai brand in Asian market

T Mark Benefits

Created more credibility among international customers. Enabled easier sales and helped the brand expanded into 5-6 countries within 2 years.

T Mark Member




Contact Information


Phaiphannarat Marketing Company Limited


546,548,550 Ramintra 58, Ramintra Road, Kannayao, Bangkok 10230

Tel :

+66 (0) 2-9486868–70

Fax :

+66 (0) 948–7524


Go-Hair: step up with honest and sincere hair brand.

When visiting hair salons, customers might be familiar with a green bottle of Go-Hair hair treatment.  Many hair experts also recommend this product.  Do you know that this business has been solely built by one woman? 

 Dr. Phongphan Phaiphannarat, a CEO of Phaiphannarat Marketing Co., LTD, is a founder of “Go-Hair”, hair treatment product company.  It started from her own beauty obsession.  Dr. Phongphan opened beauty center, Phongphan beauty house and found out that customers were yearning for shampoo with reasonable price.  She saw business opportunity from this demand and her experience going abroad so the best hair treatment products were developed.  She initially asked friends to taste and the result was positive.  Their hair turned soft immediately.  Go-Hair was founded in 2003.  This catchy name was easy to remember and meant stepping up with hair.  It has been 18 years since Go-Hair started the business and now the company has 20 products. 

Honest, sincerity and quality product for sustainable Thai society.

Small Town strategy

Go-Hair applied Small Town strategy in running business.  They started selling products in small towns prior to Bangkok.  In the beginning, they directly sent out vans full of products and sales experts to provincial towns.  Their promotion campaigns were overwhelming welcomed.  And after that great success, they introduced the products in Bangkok.

Go-Hair hosted many CSR activities for society and their customers such as helping flood victims, giving money and equipment to provincial schools.  They highlighted activities in provincial towns according to small town strategy.  This not only contributed to the society but also helped publicize products well.  

Quality is not compromising.

Product price doesn’t always guarantee its quality​.  Go-Hair is a high quality hair treatment brand that has reasonable price since they want to reach all customer groups.  Their product quality is thoroughly tasted and they will not compromise for under 100% quality.  Their main customer groups are beauty salons, hair salons and beauty centers.  

Honesty and sincerity 

Go-Hair’s another business strategy is to be honest and sincere ​to their business partners and customers.  Go-Hair hasn’t successfully operating business for 18 years without this.  The company and every employees are sincere to business partners and customers.  Honesty is applied to their products, advertisements and service.  This makes customers trust in the brand.   

Go-Hair products are social and environmental friendly.  From product development to product processing and product delivery, all pay attention to social and environmental concerns.  The production is proved by Green Industry standard and ISO 22716 standard which is a European safety cosmetic production standard. 

Reach to the goal.

Phaiphannarat Marketing’s mission is to reach Asian market.  Therefore, they need standard to certify product quality.  Although the company has already been famous for their products and price, T Mark significantly increases foreign customers.  They trust and buy products easier.  In two years, the company has extended sales to 5-6 countries, Laos, Cambodia, Burma,Indonesia and Malaysia and has a plan to extend further.       

Go-Hair has already got a strong market shared in Thailand’s hair treatment products. In the near future, the products will definitely make worldwide customers’ hair soft and beautiful.