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Who They Are

Manufacturer and distributor of skin care products


Strive to develop and select modern innovations to apply in production process for the best products for consumers.

What they accomplished

Quality control, Development by innovation and Storytelling

Managing Director

Mr. Kwanpat Kothanaphat

Length of Establishment :

Founded in 2013 or 6 year until present.

Export Country

Thailand, China

Next Goal

Observe global trend to seriously expand to foreign markets.

T Mark Benefits

Assured that products had quality, standard and applied fair labor treatment and environmental concern in production process.

T Mark Member

December 2017 – December 2020



Contact Information




40/20 Moo 9, Nong Chok, Nong Chok, Bangkok, 10530 Thailand

Tel :

+66(0) 2 136-9563

Fax :

+66 (0) 2 136-9562


Voodoo, skincare applying religious principles to create beauty magic.

Currently, when consumers decide to buy skincare or face cream, they are looking in to ingredients, innovations and brand’s story rather than only advertisement. Voodoo, sceptic brand name, derived from “Voodoo’s herbalist” mixed herb with innovation into their product and used myth as their sale point to attract customers.

Voodoo operates under Islamic principles emphasizing on best benefit for every parties.

Full of experience

Mr. Preecha Sanlee, CEO of Big Idea Corporate (Thailand) Co., LTD. or Voodoo’s founder, had long extensive experience in Korean cosmetics. He was a packaging designer and marketer for Korean cosmetics for company importing multi Korean cosmetic brands. He eventually found business opportunity and founded Voodoo, new skincare choice which emphasized on innovations and believes.

Understand women’s insights.

Understanding women’s insight was the critical mission for starting business. In fact, women needed natural-like, innovations and storytelling. These information became initial element of the brand. Voodoo selected organic ingredients, which was safe and gentle to skin. In addition, their ingredient choice saved environment and added value to many plants.

Develop cosmetics with innovations and believes.

Promoting beauty brand with description was no longer sufficient to support customers’ decision. Marketing and production gimmicks were needed. Innovations coupled with believes were the answer to make a brand distinctive.

The brand selected extracts from Bible and Islam legends where their precious properties for skincare were told. These extracts became the brand main ingredients.

This gimmick attracted customers’ interest. Moreover, the brand showed researches from around the world to support those extracts. For innovations, Voodoo aimed to used latest innovations in herb extract, production process, packaging design to develop the best products for customers.

Manage under religious principles.

The company applied Islamic principles in ​organization emphasizing on the highest benefit of every parties. Customers, organization and employees must receive the best benefit. Customers must receive best quality and efficient products. Their satisfactory resulted in the brand’s reputation and income. For the employees, the company viewed them as family members who must be given the best things included the fairest compensation and benefit. Voodoo also welcomed retailers which was another way to enhance income for Thai people.

Future plan

Global trend was essential direction for Voodoo. Consumers’ trends were considered before launching marketing plans. The brand has started exporting cosmetics to foreign markets where weather and customers’ skin types were varied. Therefore, they had to develop products to match each nationality’s need. Now, the main exporting country is China.

Apart from following trends and individual target need, the brand also strengthened customers’ confidence by earning certified standards. Thailand Trust Mark or T Mark, which was a government certification on brand quality, labor standard, environment awareness and CSR, enabled them to export smoother. The company also got benefit from T mark’s knowledge sharing which was very rare and specific.

Building skin care brand is not easy because there are lots of business rivals. Voodoo succeeds because of their quality control, development, innovations and most importantly, storytelling, which makes the brand unforgettable.